Our Senior Company Dancers in "Where We Began"
Choreography: Lauren Edson

Idaho Regional Ballet
2023–2024 Season Calendar

As of 04/21/2023
(Schedule and dates are subject to change)



Saturday, June 3
IRB Annual Membership Meeting & Voting Board of Directors 2023-2024 @ EPAC 12:30pm
Monday, June 5 - Saturday, June 16
EPAC Summer Intensive 2023


Monday, August 14
Senior Co. & Co. Apprentice Classes & Rehearsals Begin
Monday, August 21
Junior Co. & Co. Trainees Classes & Rehearsals Begin


Monday, September 5
Labor Day Holiday - No EPAC Classes
Tuesday, September 6
EPAC Classes Resume
Friday, September 15th
Nutcracker Participation Forms Due
Saturday, September 23rd
IRB Fall Gala 2023 - at EPAC
Tuesday, September 26th

Saturday, September 30th
MANDATORY Nutcracker Parent Meeting 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Nutcracker Rehearsals Begin


Wednesday, October 11th
Nutcracker Party Parent Rehearsals Begin
Friday, October 13th
Nutcracker 2023 Holiday Photo Fundraiser (COMPANY IN BLACK LEOS - GROUP PHOTOS) | Time TBD
Friday, October 13th
IRB Senior Co, Co Apprentice, Junior Co, and Co Trainee | PIZZA Dinner Night after rehearsal at 8pm!
Saturday, October 15th
Nutcracker 2023 Holiday Photo Fundraiser | 1:00pm - 4:00pm at EPAC
Monday, October 16th
Nutcracker TICKETS on Sale to the Public


Saturday, November 18th
Nutcracker 1st Full Run-Thru - at EPAC
November 20th-25th
Thanksgiving Holiday Week! No EPAC Classes
November 20, 21, 25
Nutcracker: Senior Co, Co Apprentices, & Junior Co Rehearsal


Saturday, December 2nd
Nutcracker 2nd Full Run-Thru - at EPAC
Tuesday, December 5th
Nutcracker Tech Rehearsal for IRB Co Dancers (No Trainees) | BSU Special Events Center
Wednesday, December 6th
Nutcracker Tech Rehearsal FULL CAST | BSU Special Events Center
Thursday, December 7th
Nutcracker FULL Dress Rehearsal | BSU Special Events Center
Friday, December 8th
Nutcracker BSU Special Events Center @ 7:00pm
Saturday, December 9th
Nutcracker BSU Special Events Center @ 2:00pm & 7:00pm
Sunday, December 10th
Nutcracker BSU Special Events Center @ 2:00pm
December 18th-January 6th
Christmas Holiday Break! No EPAC Classes



January 3-6
IRB Sr Co - Maintenance Classes and Adjudication Rehearsals over break
Monday, January 8th
IRB Rehearsals at EPAC Resume and EPAC Classes Resume
Monday, January 15th
MLK Holiday - No EPAC Classes


Saturday, February 10th
Father/Daughter, Mother/Son Dance at EPAC
Monday, February 19th
President’s Day - No EPAC Classes
              Tuesday, February 20th


Saturday, March 9th
A DANCE COLLECTIVE! | BSU Special Events Center
March 18-23rd
Spring Break! No EPAC Classes
Monday, March 25th
IRB Rehearsals at EPAC Resume & EPAC Classes Resume


Saturday, April 13th
IRB 2024-2025 Auditions at EPAC - MANDATORY Attendance for returning IRB Company Members
Friday, April 20th
IRB Company Contracts Sent Out | Notice of Annual Meeting and Board Nominations sent to members


Wednesday, May 15th
IRB 2023-2024 Company Member Contracts DUE from April 13th Audition!
Wednesday, May 15th
Thursday, May 16th
EPAC Student Showcase Dress Rehearsal @ EPAC Blackbox Theatre
Tuesday, May 21st
Wednesday, May 22nd
Thursday, May 23rd
21st: EPAC Student Showcase @ EPAC
22nd: EPAC Student Showcase @ EPAC
23rd: EPAC Student Showcase @ EPAC
Friday, May 24th
Last Day of EPAC Classes for 2023-2024 Year
Monday, May 27th
Memorial Day! No EPAC Classes


Saturday, June 1st
IRB Annual Membership Meeting & Voting Board of Directors | 12:30pm - at EPAC
June 3rd
EPAC Summer Intensive 2024