Corporate Matching

Corporate Matching FAQ

What is it?

Most companies will match any full-time employee's contributions to nonprofit organizations (US based 501(c)(3) orgs) up to a certain amount. 

How do I know if my company has a corporate matching program?

Contact your benefits/HR department and ask what your employer's policy is. If your company has an intranet/employee website, most of this information can also be found there. 

If I have applied for donations to another nonprofit organization can I still apply for a matching donation to IRB?

Yes. You can apply for a corporate match for donations made by you to multiple nonprofit organizations.

If other employees in the company have had their donations matched to IRB, am I still able to?

Yes. Matching is only limited to a specific amount per employee, not per 501(c)(3) organization.

Once I find out my employer's matching policy, what is the next step?

If they do participate, let them know that you would like for your donation to IRB to be matched. Some companies will contact IRB directly with the necessary paperwork; others may require you to fill out a matching gift form. Once you have found out your company's policy, please contact Colleen Horiuchi at with the necessary information and she will help guide you the rest of the way!